To-our beloved Maurya's Community

Guest, Vendors, Staff & Management

Thankyou for trusting us as your top choice for Indian food. Our mission is to give an unparalleled dining experience making each and every guest happy through food, drink and service. Today, the happiness of the entire Maurya's Community is at risk due to the widespread of the coronavirus (c o vid - 19)

We want to let you know that your happiness, health and safety is our top priority. Our management team is closely monitoring the news of the Corona Virus, and we are taking increased health + hygiene protocols to ensure your safety

- Stringent hand washing procedures for our team members

- Rigorous food safety audits and practices

- Trained staff to wipe and sanitize shared surfaces and constantly wash hands

- Zero tolerance for any employee with any signs of flu symptoms

As this situation evolves, we will adapt to our strategy to continue to provide an enjoyable and safe dining experience. We appreciate your understanding as we work through the situation, as we continue serving you delicious and wholesome Indian food.

Thank you for your ongoing trust and support. We are committed to keeping open communications with the Maurya's community, and we will update you all as our resolutions toward the Corona Virus progresses.