The Coolest Dessert You Can Try This Valentines in Kamloops

This year Maurya's has created something Far From Ordinary😮 Meet our Valentines Day highlight dessert: "The Royal Shard" featured in our Valentines menu!

The Royal Shard, is believed to be something far from ordinary. Chef Dilip Maurya wanted to make something fit for royalty this Valentines day using inspirations from India's "Taj Mahal Palace"!
Fresh spongy bread, drenched in a 5 HOURS simmered thick sweet milk and finally topped with pistachios, and saffron. At Maurya's we added a gooseberry to really balance that flavor.


Imagine digging into this royal dessert that makes you feel like you're in the Taj Mahal Palace👑 with your King or Queen this Valentines. 🤴👸

👉Reserve/Pre-order before 14th of Feb to get 2 FREE glasses of wine + a BONUS Lamb delicacy at

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