6 MUST-TRY Dishes at Maurya's Kamloops, as claimed by Indian Chef; Dilip Maurya

Updated: May 26, 2021

Read on to discover reasons you'll want to start having third, fourth & fifth visits to Maurya's! We're your pit-stop when you're shopping downtown, or the place your squad wants to eat out on the weekend.

1. Blue Cheese Naan

Maurya's Indian Blue cheese naan

"You know what?! People who've said they don't like blue cheese are now saying they are starting to love it because of this naan bread!"

The blue cheese sharpness is balanced with different ingredients! :)

The heavenly mix is then wrapped in fresh dough, hand-rolled flat, & then slapped on the walls of the fiery clay oven! After being baked crisp in seconds it is topped with melted butter. Finally, sprinkled with semolina seeds that don't only give a beautiful aroma but a unique Indian touch.

2. Chicken Seekh KEBABS!

We're creating THE #KamloopsKebabCulture

"Just look at those beautiful vibrant colors. This dish reminds me of my hometown, Lucknow, the city of kebabs."

This ground chicken flavored with house-ground spices are cooked on long metal rods in the tandoor clay oven. It's served with a SIZZLING smoke on a metal plate and with Fresh melted butter, lemon, and mint chutney.

3. Chilla Tacos

I wouldn't even call it a taco! Every part of this innovative creation is completely authentic and Indian... the chilla, the dahi, the kebab, everything!

Don't confuse the word "chilla" for a type of meat! Chilla actually is the soft base of the taco (in image above!) It is a circular grilled chilla made purely of lentils and rice making it gluten free, and healthy. On top of that is a roasted chicken kebab, fresh-cut veggies, and a homemade hung curd flavored with masalas and spices.

4. Northern Tandoori Shrimps

Maurya's Indian food Tandoori Shrimp

"Who can ignore a show-stopping SIZZLIN' HOT sizzler? Especially the smoky charcoal tandoor flavor + marks that make you say WOW!"

Fresh shrimp thoroughly marinated in yogurt, masalas, & spices.

Then, roasted in the fiery Tandoor clay oven. Served with greens, onions, fresh lemon.

5. Lamb curry

Whenever served, people remark how tender and flavorful this lamb curry is!

This one is our most favored curry!

6. Butter Chicken

Maurya's kamloops best butter chicken

"The most popular comfort food. Our Butter Chicken's chicken is charcoal-grilled in the Tandoor clay oven prior to being added to our fresh creamy tomato gravy."

The sauce is the winner. Cooked with a variety of spices and simmered!

PS: This post gives a spoon of delicious insight into each of the chosen dishes. #Droolworthy @Maurya's.Rest.Bar.Banquet

(it was pretty damn hard to choose the top 6 though)

As always...

- Much love from the Maurya's Family

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