This Valentine!? 6 reasons why Dinner at Maurya's?

Bond over meats... OUT A CLAY OVEN!! (Tandoor)

Imagine how excited your partner will be to taste such tender, marinated meats roasted to perfection out a Tandoor clay oven!

Tandoori Fish featured this Valentine 2021

Hot or not? Valentine's Day

East-Indian food being relatively spicy is a myth. At Maurya's we provide a spice scale from 1 to 5 to provide our guests their own choice. Nonetheless, masalas and spices are a fascinating aspect in terms of taste for Indian cuisine, so don't be afraid, you don't want to miss out!

A perfect twist for your average date night.

Learn about the rich culture of Maurya's east-Indian cuisine together. Spend quality time over exclusive innovated dishes + drinks only at Maurya's.

Try something new

You get to discover the beauty of a different cuisine.

Consider east-Indian cuisine! The dishes are a result of centuries of research and innovation. Hundreds of generations spent their time perfecting the foods.

Why would you say no to experiencing such richness of various cultures?

Spoon feed Maurya's "The Royal Shard Dessert"

Your highlight of the day and it's on a "sweet" note! A new creation you don't want to miss out on, perfect to try on a date night!

The Royal Shard

Masalas and Spices

However masalas + spices do play a fascinating and large role in cuisine in aspects of flavor! Try out the art of balancing these flavors and it's absolutely delicious!

Impress your partner with a Kamloops East Indian restaurant (Maurya's) with innovative authentic food, craft cocktails, well-thought wine-list, a unique vibe + concept, and experienced chefs.

Reserve/Pre-order before 14th of Feb to get 2 FREE glasses of wine + a BONUS Lamb delicacy at

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