5 common MISTAKES couples make on Valentines Day!

1. Zero plans for the special day at all Even if you both have spent 20 years of marriage life, that doesn't mean you should pretend Valentines Day doesn't exist at all. Although you may think you don't need to do anything for your partner on that special day, try looking past the flowers and chocolates. Spend some quality time together. Here's our tip, bonding over food has never failed and it's something we've continued doing for centuries.
2. Depending on Valentines day to sustain your relationship If you think one special day will keep the quality in your relationship, you're wrong. It is what you do every single day that shows how much you really love them. Make sure you are caring for your loved ones much often!
3. Expecting the card to do the talking Come on, do you really think a greeting card will tell your partner how much you love them? You need to tell them, show them, do something Far From Ordinary for them. Take them out to dinner for goodness sake!
4. Not giving what your partner wants most Yes your partner will appreciate the gifts, but more than that, they want you! Make sure you give them your undivided attention and deliver the emotional aspect of the day as well.
5. Not booking in advance Show your partner you've been thinking about this ahead of time. You don't want to disappoint. Valentines day can be especially booked full from restaurants to spas to hotels. Prepare early!

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