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Happy Family Day!

Happy Family Day!

Need to feed the family? We've got your back!  Create good times with Maurya's newly created  family packs together



FOR $97!


The Family Feast

The Family Feast serves 3-4 

Hometown crispy pakoras + fried fish pakoras + Indian salad.
3 mains - Butter Chicken, Kadhai Paneer, Aloo Ghobi. 
3 naan breads, 4 rices.


Eat Your Plants serves 3-4 
Vegan + Vegetarian

Hometown crispy pakoras + cauliflower wings +
Indian salad.
3 mains - Eggplant Shanks, Aloo Chana, Goan Veg Korma. 
4 roti breads or 3 naans breads, 4 rices.